3PL Training

Training as a Service

At 3PL we aim to create physical and virtual platforms serving as hubs of manufacturing excellence and digital innovations. The provision of professional training services in skill development across industrial sectors and rendering of consultancy services to serve customers’ operational and functional needs also form part of our core offerings. Project locations are carefully chosen to encourage industrial growth poles and develop industrial cities along economic corridors and zones. Our project will attract core and complimentary industries in particular ecosystems to promote sustainable developments.

  • Production/Manufacturing Courses
  • GIS/Remote Sensing Skills
  • Financial Skills Training
  • Pension and Retirement Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • 4IR Skills
  • Agricultural Skills
  • Engineering Construction Skills

3PL Consultancy

We provide consultancy services in the following key areas

  • Industrial Parks
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Energy & Power
  • SInfrastructure Development
  • Mineral Resources
  • Climate & Environment
  • Financial Services
  • Pension & Retirement
  • ICT & Digital Entrepreneural
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrol & Petrochemical