Promoting Smart Homes & Scalable Hybrid Power Solutions

  • Joint development project with Lucxtra Ventures Ltd, to develop an estate comprising 3 blocks of flats, located at Oke Ado, Lagos..
  • Joint development project with Walidah Ideal Concepts Limited to develop the 3rd Phase of 317 housing unit estate located at Gidan Sarki Settlement, Keffi, Nassarawa State.
  • Joint development project with DPMC LTD to develop an estate located at Karu Nasarawa State, comprising of 66 units and 232 apartments with necessary infrastructure, common services and utilities.
  • Joint development project with Stalyd Realtors & Facility Managers Ltd; to develop a total of 50 flats of various types located at Papalandna Kurape, Karshi Development Area, Nasarawa State.

Promoting Value Addition & Circular Economy

  • Joint Development Project with BARKA AGRO ALLIED LTD to develop an integrated agro-allied industrial park on a farmland measuring 29.70 hectares located along Ungwar Shamaki-Dorowa Road, Off Km 45,Abuja- Keffi Expressway with Maiganga Karshi Development Area, Karu LGA of Nasarawa State.
  • Development of an integrated mineral processing industrial park on a land measuring 20.31 hectares located along Agada Village, close to Ungwar Shamaki-Dorowa Road, Off Km 45, Abuja- Keffi Expressway with Maiganga Karshi Development Area, Karu LGA of Nasarawa State.
  • Joint Development Project with GRACE FARMS to develop an integrated agro-allied industrial park on a farmland measuring 36.5 hectares located near Angwar Tiv, Gbaradna Village, Luvu road, off Masaka, Abuja-Keffi Road, Karu LGA of Nasarawa State.

Virtual Gas Pipelines and Delivery Solution

The project scope include the building of an in-country operation to offer parts, service and support for both the Type 4 CNG cascade trailers and the Mother Station compression solutions which will be the 1st of its kind in Nigeria.

Promoting resource development & utilization through platforms in the digital economy space.

  • Developing a messaging service app to provide a framework for automated high-level business transactions. These could be applicable to Logistics operations tracking, Procurement activity, Payment request/confirmation, Stock replenishment, EDI services, B2B or B2A activity.
  • Developing a Pro-Tech App designed as transaction enabler to facilitate B2B and B2C connections in the housing sector. Prototype design of affordable housing for one, two bedrooms flats that is scalable as a brand. The project also seeks to design housing communities with common facilities utilizing renewable energy wholly or as hybrid.

Methanol Project

The methanol industry and the ecosystem is expected to combine to see growth coming years, offering plenty scope for Africa as both consumer and producer of diversified products. Africa shall become a focal point for energy markets due to its vast population, geographic diversity, rapid industrialization and the changing global, political, social and economic position. It provides a fascinating ease study for energy production and consumption alike and offers hints to policy-makers analysts and energy business on how the global energy situation may well evolve in the coming decades.

Creating Shared prosperity through shared ownership

  • 3PL Housing Cooperatives.
  • 3PL Agricultural Multipurpose Cooperatives.

Developing unique business solutions through intentional research and analysis of strategic economic sectors

  • Situation Analysis of Housing - 2021.
  • Sustainability Estate Development Operation - 2021.
  • Report on investment in Nigeria - 2021.
  • Agriculture Business in Nigeria - 2021.
  • Building materials eco-system - 2021.
  • Establishing Industrial Parks as a pathway to economic development.
  • Hydrogen and natural gas co-transport study..